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Backcountry bucktails

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Locally the weather has been terrible for a few days now -and as i write this no end in sight until maybe the end of the coming week with wind and rain - followed by rain and wind (you get the idea).   What to do?  No flies that need tying and my rodcrafting won't get going again until at least one more lure order goes out the door... so here's this morning's efforts... This is a small backcountry bucktail jig order - and it will hit the Post Office first thing on Monday, hopefully...


Twenty of them (along with one for my skiff...)  five each, with 3/8oz heads - in the following colors -  red and white, chartreuse with chartreuse and white tail,  and red and white with two grizzly neck hackles... and lastly ,  all pink (this one only with 1/4oz heads), ready to package and send.  The heads are powder coated - then baked for hardness, all with black nickel, razor sharp hooks... 

Now for a bit of rod-wrapping, next on the agenda.... I make almost all of the rods for my anglers to use - so when we break one or two - replacements are needed... Anyone wanting a price list with color photos - an email request to lemaymiami@aol.com will get you one by return mail...

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