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2004 21 Master Angler, Is it past the stringer issue? Looking at purchasing


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Looking at a 2004, 21 with an HPDI 200 and 210 hours on it. Original engine. So it has not been used. I have several concerns on this boat,

1. the low hours on an HPDI that is 20 years old. probably needs work

2. 20 year old boat with an aluminum tank that is probably on it's last legs, could go tomorrow or 5 years from now.

3. is it past the broken stringer phase of these boats?

4. They are asking 35k, but im thinking more realistic is 20-25k.


Product photo of 2004 Maverick Master Angler boat for sale

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I was under the impression that 2004 was after the re-design, but have never figured out the exact year.   I would reach out to Capt Troy on here, he has had a bunch of these and will likely know.   20-25 for that boat is probably not realistic in today's market, though it's cooled a bit.   18's were going for that range and higher recently and these were showing up in the 35-45 range depending on original vs. re-powered.   Again, market seems to be cooling, so you may get him down, but first confirm with someone else the year of the stringer redesign.   Make sure you get the VIN - many times, owners dont' know the actual year but the vin number will have it.   That's a pretty boat though!

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