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Standard Mapping VS FMT


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I am a Garmin guy and am interested in getting a new unit that takes the new STANDARD MAPPING E Card .

It looks really close to the FMT card in many ways .

Does anyone have this set up , and pros and cons .

I am just looking to buy a bigger Garmin and plug and play with my existing cables and deucer .

I would be selling my mint GPS , in the box with all the new cables and top od the line deucer .

It could come with all my 4266 spots as well . 🙄

 But seriously, does anyone have any real experience with this new E Card ?


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In Garmin no, in Lowrance yes, Is the Standard Mapping E Card FMT? No, does it work? Yes, I have used it for years in two different boats and son using it now. The go to card for routs, oyster leases that is updated in Louisiana. Lots of folks with Garmin running these cards. Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Running Professional Cards as well. Have I seen the E-Card run in Garmin? Yes and it works!

Hope it helps.


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On the FMT you can uncheck the annoying tracks and just have the overlay of images. It allows you to customize it to your liking.

One day go by Dino’s home and check it out in person and he can show you what it looks like only with the imagery. Or come by my place next time you are in choko.

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On 12/24/2023 at 4:01 PM, THE OUTLAW said:

Would love to have a bigger unit as my eyes are old .

Best Bang for the $ is a Lowrance 12" unit.....changing a Transducer is easy peasy....you know that....for where we fish, the FMT is the best alternative....especially in the back...up in the bights, no big deal...or, if you are going to explore new areas....nice to have a bit of extra information...

There should be some great deals here next week as the large box stores (BPS) and WM will be unloading inventory....sell whatever you have for a few $$$ and use it to buy what you need.....I just upgraded to a SIMRAD 12" due to some special circumstances - I got a good deal; however, I was just as happy with my Lowrance in terms of how it operates and the screen was large enough for 95% of what I wanted to do.

For me, the transducer is plug and play...

I have both a GARMIN 12" that came with the HPS and I installed a Simrad for the FMT....I find that the Garmin always appears to be off by 10 yards or so, when compared to the Simrad and the FMT....




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