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Anyone replaced an axle keel pad? (V axle)


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Saw 1 of mine is missing and having a bit of a time finding anything shaped like whats on there.  Found this on Ameritrail web site the shape is not right mostly concerned about the lip on the one side but the parts lady said there is actually a lip on the other side not shown in the photo.... great.  She went out in the yard and asked and was told that was what they put on 5 lug axles... so I ask is it flexible at all enough to conform to the V in the axle and she says its real stiff.... WT#?  Whats on there is oval on each end not square and doesnt appear to have any lips on each side...... Hoping someone has been down this road before I take a chance and order this thing and its not right.

axle pad.png

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It is only that rare time when the hull angle at the ramp allows the keel to get inside the bunks and strike the axle, right ?  That guard is important for that purpose on shallow ramps. 
The item in the photo is 6 bucks. The cheapest item that Ameritrail carries, I’m sure. 
The stainless screws -to the aluminum frame rot out fast. Maybe add a couple zip ties to secure it longer. Boat on the trailer makes it a bad job !!

If there are no wires in the area, a heat gun is a good bet to get it to lay down in the vee. Be patient.. Do it in two steps: get the guard bent to fit, then install it at the ramp with the boat out of the way.


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