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RF 18 tow vehicle


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Depends how far you plan on towing it, the quality of the ramps and some other things.

The cars/trucks all have a max tow weight. If you only tow a mile or two you can get close to the max.

If you will be towing any distance, you will need more vehicle for the braking and carrying gear & passengers.

I HATE being that guy broken down out of town in July..


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I’m interested in hearing opinions here too since I’m looking for a different tow vehicle myself. I would prefer an SUV for under roof capacity over a truck. What I’m looking for I need to handle 3 or more hour trips to the boat ramp. I’ve had a number of people mention the Toyota 4Runner as a good option when not wanting a monster sized SUV or truck. For your rig and only short trips to the ramp I would think as long as it’s a Ford explorer size SUV a towing capacity of 3500lbs or more with front wheel or all wheel drive you will be more than fine. I currently have a Mazda CX-9 front wheel drive that I had well before my 16’ Bayfisher  and it tows it with no issues at all. The ramp I frequent 35 minutes away is very steep and my front wheel drive pulls my boat out with ease even when the guy one slip over with a 2 wheel drive F150 needed extra bodies on his rear bumper to pull his 16’ RF out. 

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You can tow 2500# with just about anything nowadays. Depending on your local ramps I would recommend something with 4WD even though I still to this date have never had to use it. 4Runner and Ford Explorer meet those requirements if you want a smaller SUV. We have a 2017 Tahoe which I sometimes use to  tow our offshore boat with no complaints if you're looking for a big SUV. 

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I have a big truck, too big to be honest but I can tow like it is not there.  Been thinking of a new truck but new truck prices are insane so curious what everyone recommends here.  I tow 2 hours each way though so my circumstance is different than yours.  4X4 is a must though.  I have seen trucks with a small  jet ski go into the drink so what ever you choose, 4 x 4 10000%

I think for you, a midsize truck or SUV would be fine.  Toyota tacoma, GMS canyon just to name a few.  The GMC is super nice by the way.  

Let us know though.



Anyone know the weight we are pulling with a 18' redfisher give or take. I always figured about 3000 pounds.



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