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Annual trip to Islamorada in May......need suggestions.


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I'm planning my annual trip to Islamorada in May and I'm looking for a new place to stay. I've stayed at the same place for years, but the boat dockage has really become an issue the last 3 years. I'd prefer Bayside, with dockage and trailer storage, and if they have their own ramp, that's even better. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Kon Tiki has been my "go to" place for over a decade, but the last 3 times the dockage has been a disaster. They over book the marina, don't assign slips, and it becomes a race to get back to the marina first so you can get a spot. I complained to them over and over, but they just don't care. I've had to actually put my boat back on the trailer because the marina was full. If they would just number the slips / spots, and then assign them, the problem would be solved. 

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3 hours ago, Davej said:

18' Redfisher. Fish mostly in the Florida Bay area, Whipray, Rabbit Key, and Flamingo. When the wind is calm, I'll run to the lighthouse area as well.

The wind controls everything. 😆

consider the lodge....

this way if it blows, you can run the inside to the Shark River and parts beyond :)


my buddies just stayed....a few $$$ but, nice to be on the water at sunrise with no trailering or hassles....



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On 1/4/2024 at 4:24 PM, Big Dave said:

Kon Tiki is my favorite.  It's an old Florida style place that's been well kept.  Nice ramp and  "marina"/docks with easy access straight out into Florida bay.

I rent at least three times a year at Kon Tiki.  Love the place.  

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I've been going down every May for the last 25+ years to Matecumbe Resort on lower Mat. It's ocean side but has a channel with plenty of draft for your Hewes, Building 3 looks out right to Indian Key and is the best location on property in my opinion. It's nuthin fancy but has a laid back Keys vibe: Boat ramp, trailer storage, dockside water and power,fishing cleaning table, saltwater pool, free use of Kayaks and bikes. About one mile south of Robbies 

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