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2300 hps prop?


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Just bought a new 2300 with the 250 SHO two weeks ago. Mine has the 21T Yamaha SWS II 3 blade and I just finished breaking the motor in. I haven't done any speed runs yet but I do know it will hit 63 with ease. The only time I opened it up I was turning 5300 rpms and 58 mph with the jackplate somewhere between 2-3. When I starting trimming the engine, it suddenly jumped to 63. I guess that was the step doing its thing.

I don't have enough time on this boat yet to determine if this is a good prop or not. I am wondering if anyone else has tried this prop? So far it seems to jump on plane quickly and handle pretty good. I can tell it likes the jackplate up a little and a little bit of trim and she will move. It's a lot faster than the 22 tournament I just sold.

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