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2020 Cobia 262


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New here and to cobia. Very experienced boater. Looking for a bit of insight. Looking at purchasing a 2020 262. Sea trialed and all was well. I understand it’s different than my current CC so seat time will help with the little details. The biggest concern I have is we mad a fairly aggressive turn and the seemed to “dip” “role” into the turn very excessively. Anyone experienced this?  Is this normal ?  Now one thing I have to mention is we had been on plane so I had the trim(motors) trimmed out and tabs up and  as we came off plane and entered the turn I did not trim the motors back in. Could this be the reason?  It also was not full of fuel, could that be a factor?


thanks in advance. We are excited about possibly owning this boat and just want to ensure we are making the proper decision!

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