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17T fuel tank pics please


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I recently bought an original aluminum fuel tank for my 17T to replace the portables it came with.

The guy I bought it from, ironically, had taken it out in favor of portables.

It's a 14-gallon made by TNT.

If anybody has the same 14-gal aluminum setup (not the poly tank), I'd sure appreciate some pictures showing how the tank is installed.

Specifically, I'd like to see how the tabs/flanges along the sides are attached to the floor of the compartment and how the tab/flange on the top back is attached to the bulkhead.

I'm also wondering if there's anything under the tank, particularly at the front and back ends, to keep it from riding directly on the floor of the compartment.

Thanks in advance if anybody can spare a few minutes to post some pics!

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down view....you can add some PVC board and use West Styems G3 epoxy to secure if you want..if you have the wing attachments....

on top of tank there are some bolts to attach on a thru bolt...it seems to hold well...


here are the top bolts....


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Thank you, Dino!

So in the first pic, forward is to the left, correct?

Yes, I have the wings/flanges. It looks like yours aren't actually screwed to the bottom of the compartment. So did you epoxy the flanges to the floor?

yes, forward left

the other side has a screw....but, to be honest, ii was very stable, especially with the top bolts, and I have not looked all the way forward....

But, get some PVC board and place under the wings...use the west system g3, it's great stuff and then you have something to screw in...i don't know how much space between the lump and the hull, maybe use a 3/8 " screw ?

Don't know...but, the epoxy is darn good stuff....i used it under my battery boxes and they are rock solid....

you could probably epoxy down the wings, then run some gl*** mat over it with some fibergl*** and it should hold..so long as you connect to the bulk head like above...

Good luck....remember, to run one line to the stern and the water seperator.

Hope this helps...


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Got it, thanks. Just dry fitting my tank, the wings don't really want to lay down flat on the "lumps" on the bottom of the compartment. Also, I agree it seems a little worrisome to screw right into the bottom of the compartment. I can see the screw tips gradually damaging the hull from the inside.

So I had been thinking about taking 1x2s, shaping them to support the wings properly, then encapsulating them in gl*** and epoxying them to the bottom of the compartment so I could crew into that.

Would PVC board be a better alternative? I've never really used it. I'm not worried about using the wood, since it wouldn't be hard to replace, it's in a mostly dry compartment, and my boat lives in the garage anyway. But is the PVC fairly easy to work with?

Water separator is coming soon. Boat didn't have one when I bought it. Just finished last night cleaning out the whole inside of the aft box and painting. About to start re-wire (not as major as yours) and then figuring out where to fit water separator.

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