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Mounting LSS-2 Transducer


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Pathfinder 2200V

Wanting to mount a Lowrance LSS-2 for my Gen 2 Touch. Want a clean, unobstructed location where I can get good side images all the way out, as well as down.

This looks like a very good place. I like it because it seems to be protected. Don't like hanging things outside the boat. Already have replaced my in-hull 2D transducer with a in-hull PD-WBL.

Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks!


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Not smart enough to figure this pic thing out. Years ago I had zero problems posting pics. I think you got it nailed, I want to mount it in the pocket just to the starboard of the drain plug and up enough that the LSS-2 is above the hull bottom so it won't get struck, etc.

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On May 15, 2016 at 11:52 PM, Yoffer said:

Where is the stock transducer located? Im wanting to upgrade mine but for the life of me i cant see where they mounted it. 

MBC mounted mine inside the hull. A bit forward of the bilge pump, almost impossible to remove.   Mine went bad, so I bought a new unit and upgraded the in-hull transducer.

Per HOBO, I mounted mine about 2 inches starboard of the bilge pump.   I get a super clean signal there at ALL speeds.   My next job is to get a LSS-2 and mount it.

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