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4-16 wahoo kinda day


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First off, I'm so glad we went on the boat and didn't listen to the weather man. Seas were great with a nice ground swell and the overcast made it cool out. Half way out, we were greated to a nice sunrise.


Since NO ONE was out, we hit the first wreck with some jigs. The wind made for a slow south drift and it gave you plenty time over the wreck.


I hooked up to bonita there and got sharked on a tiny blackfin and a small AJ. We kepted the bonita for bait. Funny thing is at the end of the day, we went back to the wreck and there was a bayboat there that got sharked a dozen times. Lost 100.00 in lures so the sharks are thick.


So I decided to change it up and about 30 minutes later, the first wahoo was in the boat. Not a big one, maybe 15 pounds, but a tasty one none the less.


We set back up and within 30 minutes later, we had a double on. They ended up being 2 more bonita which we released but it kepted the action going. Since all the hits were in the 300 foot range, we decided to hang in the area and after setting back up, the rod goes off again. Since we just fought two bonita, I was thinking it was the same thing until the tiger stripes showed their colors. I was getting excited and before I knew it, the 2nd wahoo hit the deck.


As soon as the wind direction changed, it seemed like the bite shut off. We called it early and decided to go inside and meet up with my family on the sail boat.


Not a bad day at all.




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