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Electrical Help - Yamaha gauge?


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Ran over to the other boat and tested it. It had NO voltage until key was on.

Ugh - now what? I don't know where to begin to try and figure this one out.

This all started with seeing a bad battery drain and then finding 12v on ground wires.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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So it looks like I've got short somewhere back on the engine. I'm showing almost 12v on the block/ground lug on the motor and every ground wire coming from the engine.

I noticed a significant voltage drop when the motor was off via the volt reading on my GPS. Two nights ago I started trying to figure it out and saw voltage on my negative bus by disconnecting my negative battery cable then connecting the volt meter back to the neg on the battery and then probing around. Finally found that voltage is getting back-fed from the motor.

Not sure where to even start figuring this out on the motor. Way out of my league.

Note to self - hire a good marine surveyor before buying a boat. Ugh.

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Seems to be one of those need to have hands on to troubleshoot.

However, I wouldn't trust the voltage read out on GPS. Bad connections along the way can make things look worse.

Also seeing voltage on a line is not always a bad thing. Even though the meter shows voltage there may be no current. Current on the line would be a problem. Wires zip tied in bundles can cause some voltage bleed over.

This almost sound like a bad key switch, if you have power as if the key was in run.

Start isolating circuits and see what you find, check power, ground and continuity between both on each circuit. Pull the fuse to motor and check around the motor.

Best I can offer, I bet the problem is not a big one just gotta find it. Sorry can't offer more.

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