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Anyone use boat storage at Calusa Island (Goodland)?

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We leave tomorrow to make our "move" (5-6 months at a time) to SWFL.   My rods and tackle are very excited, as they haven't gotten much use in quite a while!
Sold the big boat and trying to decide if I bring the Maverick 18.5 down or sell it up here in Virginia.  I'm thinking it'll sell much faster down there, but who knows.
Will probably be moving up to an older 2500 Hybrid or 24 Yellowfin (discussed on another thread).

Anyway, I'm trying to decide where to keep the boat.  I can get into Tarpon Club, but it'll probably be 6 months.  Not sure about Calusa Island, calling them tomorrow.
Curious if anyone has storage experience with Calusa.  Tarpon is 10 minutes from my house, Calusa is 20 (but closer to the backcountry).

Appreciate anyone's opinions.  Thanks!

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Goodland ramp used to be a quiet, local ramp; however, now, with the continued closure of Caxambas, it's a free for all / zoo with jet skis.

the jet ski's now have GPS's on them and they are running all over the back of the 10K's and totally destroying the fishing near Marco / Goodland.

I would suggest to head East to Pot of the Island (Port of the idle as the locals call it :) ), as it'a a 20 min slow idle in a manatee zone, but, the ramp is very good and lower boat traffic than Goodland...you can head out to the gulf and turn South (left) and head to the park, where they are not authorized to take the jet skis'.

good luck and have fun..

COTO on the forum lives in the area and can comment....on boat storage.



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Goodland is crap now! It was a gem when I moved here but after the last hurricane the 39 permitted jet ski, shelling, eco tours, Craig cats have all moved their launching over there after Caxambas got destroyed.

I tried fishing out there for a while and found fish but could not get away from the idiot jet ski caravan running through at 50 mph. Even all the way back in black water bay, pumpkin bay, gator bay, you name it they are everywhere!

Now I strictly launch in chokoloskee and fish the park where they are not allowed. Summer is no better after the snowbirds, winter tourists, spring breakers leave, you have the Miami and Fort Lauderdale tourists coming over and filling the gap.

I’ve been over to calusa ramp which is $20 instead of goodland $10 but it is crazy busy over there. That’s where the freedom boat clubs is. It is pretty bad during season!

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It depends on what you're going to be doing on the water.  If you're a pure fisher, then as stated above, go out of chokoloskee and you may want to keep that maverick as you'll have more options being able to get really skinny.  Keep a bigger bay boat at a place like Calusa for going out in the gulf of mexico... you can definitely do some backwater fishing in a 24' bay boat, but due to the tours and what not as listed above, you'll have better back water options with that maverick

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How do you like Calusa?  Seriously on my short list now. We just moved in last week and looking forward to doing some back country fishing. Secure location.  Can I leave rods/tackle on the boat or do I need to truck it back and forth each time?  Bait/ice available on site?


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19 minutes ago, Coto said:

If he would have gotten caught by some owners down here in South Georgia…….lets just say, there is a  lot of swamp full of gators, hogs, crabs etc….

its ok to take a few vegetables from the garden….but family, homes, pets, trucks and boats…best to leave alone.

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