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Note to Self

Capt. Troy

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No more running charters on weekends especially when a local inshore tournament is going on. }:(

Went South of Anclote to get away from the big tourny being held out of hooters on the Cottee river. Boats were everywhere. Finally get way south to a no motor zone and start picking on some trout. Noticed a small push just inside the NMZ and see some reds. Sneak around and nailed this one.


Then I hear something that sounded like something I have never heard. I see white water coming down the edge of the NMZ from the south. OMG it's jet skis. They are 6 to 8 wide and they came by me for over 15 minutes wide open. I stopped counting at 100 "no Lie". :o I just stood on the Bow stunned. Well, figured I didn't have enough Ammo on board so we relocated and finished out the day catching a few more trout and some small snook.

Got back and dropped my customers of at the Marina and proceeded to the boat ramp. OMG turned around went back to the marina and got on the big boat and watched TV until 6 pm. Went back to the ramp and it still took over 30 minutes to get loaded. :( Linesider 159 got there just after me and got lucky. That place is nuts when your by yourself.

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Welcome to the crowd that works on land during the week and have no choice but to get out on weekends.

I thought I saw that black boat out there.

Indeed I did head to the intracoastal this past weekend! Saw you run by as I was looking for cobia on that flat. All I got was a rock, a chipped skeg, and a missed opportunity on a nice cobia. 2 weeks ago they were thick, not so much now.

Got back to the ramp and as my father was backing down the trailer a guy pulls up and docks effectively blocking me from getting on the trailer. He ties up and starts unloading all gear and his family of 7, and then goes and gets his truck while my dad is stuck with the trailer at the waters edge. He told me he was there first when the loading dock is for his exact situation :confused: I said a few things and figured it wasn't worth saying anything else and just waited. Luckily I managed to get in and out fairly quickly.

By the way Troy, your boat is very good looking! Liked that green color a lot.

Went back Sunday to anclote and the ramp was full. Had to launch at sutherland and run back to anclote area. Trout bite was hot in front of gulf harbors, only saw one small cobia.

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The problem is the loading dock doesn't work when your by yourself and the ramp is busy.

If I don't get on the ramp dock I can't get my truck and trailer in a spot to pull out.

Yes, the cobia have thinned out as I fished the Avenger tower boat for 3 days and only caught 2 and they were shorts.

Note to self again. "NO MORE WEEKENDS" :)

I don't have video on my phone but my charter client was a professional Photographer and he had some real good shots of a bunch of idiots. }:(

Here is some of his work he shot that day of the jet ski attack.



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There are always a few around all summer but I think the main push got disrupted by the late cold fronts and cool nights. We caught 3 and saw 10 or so in the 2 days before that last front.

Sight fishing yesterday would have been really tough as it started blowing like crazy out of the SW at about 10 am and was cranking by 3 pm. It was white capping in the ICW on my way home.

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Note to self again. "NO MORE WEEKENDS"

Your are not going to be out there this Saturday?

Yes, I will be but fishing with the wife and a buddy. Free entry and I will be leaving the boat in the water behind the Rampage starting tomorrow. :)

I plan on catching all my fish in the first 2 hrs and then go relax and take a nap and let the dog play on the beach. :P

I get to fish and don't have the pressure of someone paying me a lot of money to catch something. I have a real good idea of what were going to catch and I will pay for it Sunday. ;)

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