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Jupiter night scene

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  • This time of year we stay booked up and have little time for fishing reports - so this will be a short one.   I made time, a night or two ago, to do some exploring up at Jupiter (for those not from this area - it's just north of the Palm Beaches..).  I deliberately went on a tide that I normally don't fish to learn whether it would be productive - and it was....

    After dark now - you need to be a bit cautious since they're building a massive new bridge with lots of big barges and cranes - but they do have temporary navigation lights that make it do-able... and at a docklight I'd never fished before (the very first one I checked...) there were lots of small snook in the lights chasing any baitfish or shrimp that the tide presented. Using a 9wt fly rod my first cast got hammered by a small snook - here's a quick photo before it was carefully released...
    this young snook ate a Night Fly that is normally meant for tarpon then went racing back towards the dock before coming to hand
    A cast or two later - that same fly got another workout - with a bit bigger fish...

    and a lot tougher fight... then carefully released

    Although I was supposed to be exploring - I couldn't resist trying for one more fish -using that same chewed up fly - and this time the next fish was bigger still...
    this one might have been slot sized - but was released to fight another day...

    I was very tempted to stay right where I was since the snook were in a feeding mood - but still needed to do the exploring I came for.... The next two hours I checked docklights I knew and a few that I'd never taken a close look at with great results. Without picking up a rod you could see fish at most of the lights I checked -some of them big girls (the kind that take you to school up under the nearest dock if hook one..). Pretty sure that any night trip up to Jupiter will be well worth doing in the coming months to add to the night trips locally in nearby Biscayne Bay...

    Enough for now - will be down at Flamingo today... Like I mentioned we're busy this time of year....

    " Be a hero... take a kid fishing"

    Tight lines
    Bob LeMay
    (954) 435-5666
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