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2024 21 Redfisher with 300 yamaha

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I just picked up a 2024 21 Redfisher with 300hp yamaha.  Running light (2 people, 1 battery, 15 gal gas, single power pole, no other electronics yet) I had a 2 way average of 65.0 mph.  That was 67.0 with the wind and 63.0 against the wind.  Minimal current as far as I could tell.  Hard time getting to 5800 rpm to do that.  Once I get trolling motor, second power pole, batteries (lithium) and more gas/gear, I think I will be over propped by 1-2 inches.  Currently have  a Yamaha Saltwater Series HS 4 blade.  Midrange performance and fuel economy were impressive.  Won't be able to run it again until after rigging so may be a couple weeks to test my theory.

Anyways, what are others running on the 300?  Any recommendations?  Thanks!


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Ran the boat with a load this weekend.  Empty live wells.  2/3 tank of gas.  4 guys.  Extra cooler.  Gear etc.  

59-60 mph  5400 RPM with motor likely trimmed higher than ideal to get there

I feel like the same HS4 prop in 21" might be a better fit for hole shot and running loaded.  Any thoughts?  Thanks.

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