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Taking in water in cast net locker?


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Went out yesterday and had a weird moment that I haven't been able to figure out.

2006 2200 TE

Opened up the cast net locker and it was 3/4 full of water.

First thing I did is turn on the bilge which eventually drained it - that made me realize that the bilge float switch must be damaged.

Still haven't figured out how the water got in there. The only thing that I had done was open the valve for the saltwater washdown about 30 minutes before I found the flood.

Im not the handiest person but I can manage some simple things so I will be calling my "boat guy" in a few hours.

Anybody have any ideas on where the water may be coming from??

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Wow, I'm confused. Are you sure this is a dedicated cast net locker and not a live-well or release well? The cast net locker should have a floor drain that drains to the bilge. I could be wrong or not understanding the original post, but for the cast net locker to be full of water, it seams the entire bilge would be full of water. Someone help me understand!!!!

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It sounds to me like you have found your source of water. Something is leaking with the wash down system.

or livewell hoses, etc...

you need to run all the pumps on the water..save yourself some money...take it to a ramp, turn everything on, one at a time, and observe...it will become apparant very quickly where you leak is coming from....


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