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Ok guys…looking for some like-minded advice

I grew up in eastern NC wade fishing and used to see a guy with an older Maverick all the time and knew from that point I had to eventually have one. I’m in the USAF and got stationed at Eglin AFB about 8yrs ago so I decided it was time. Found a good deal on a 95 Bayfisher and was hooked from day one. I’ve loved fishing in the boat around FWB/Destin, Pensacola for the last 7yrs. Super dry, fast enough for me with the old 2-stroke Suzuki 115. I just learned that I’m headed to Abilene, TX for probably what will be the next 7-8yrs.

It’s a pretty good trip to the TX coast from Abilene so that’s maybe a once maybe twice a year trip…there are a few lakes close by but not sure about the fishing.

Would you sell it or keep it and b*** fish out of it? Whats the range I could expect to get for it if I did sell? I’ll get it cleaned up and take some pictures if I remember this weekend.

95 Bayfisher w/95 Suzuki DT115

24v Minnkota riptide trolling motor

1 starting and 2 deep cycle batteries

Loop 22ft carbon push pole

Hummingbird 565 fishfinder

New bilge and livewell pumps

LED nav/anchor lights. Gauges, fuel level sender and wiring redone 3yrs ago.

Galvanized trailer…new bunks, axle, and springs.

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From Eglin to Dyess, oh thats gonna s*ck. I was stationed at Eglin back in 99, I love that place. But I had to leave for Korea then other places, I retired about 4 years ago. I caught tons of fish while I was there, best fish were the Red Snapper in a 17 Mako within sight of the beach. I've been to Dyess also, but that was along time ago maybe 93ish. I'm sure its better now, but its not Destin......

I'll play the sell it role, since the previous post say keep it.

Sell it, unless you know for sure its gonna be used out there and you know your next ***ignment is coastal. If you get it out there and then decide to sell it, your gonna take a big loss. Flats boats don't sell good in West Texas. Also in my experience, boats don't like to sit, things break.

If you sell it put the money in the bank and buy a new one when or if you get back to the coast. Or buy a b*** boat and go fast........

Good luck with the move.

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Last year I was employed in the Abilene area, there are a number of lakes in the area. Most are underfished, but it is not saltwater!

I would vote to keep it. The coast is about 5-6 hours away but the fishing has been great. The Texas coast does not have the really pretty water that the Destin has, but few locations in the US have that. "Never sell a boat til you have another to replace it."

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