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Phin report- Stuart Nice Gaffer Bull 4-28-16


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Managed another day off work to get my fix. Went out with a good friend who went yesterday and had got on a lot of phins… he lost several Big ones (one est to be 30-35lb) due to being solo and just not able to sink the gaff despite having them at the boat once or twice, then hooks pulled.

Headed out of the inlet early looking for the right conditions like he saw yesterday, well we never found anything much even after venturing out to Push button (someone on the radio reported they were hooked up with a blue marlin on PBH later in the am). Headed back in and despite lack of anything being there we put lines in (livies) right where he got the fish the day before.

Sun wasn’t up yet but was light enough to see so I got up on the bow with an experimental lure (DOA airhead on a 3/4oz jig) that I thought might just be the ticket (something different) to have tied on for pitching to phins or cobes and some other applications.

Figured I may as well do something and not just sit there staring at rods and so I started blindcasting and on the 3rd cast it got hammered… lots of frothy foaming headshakes on the surface but not able to ID until it backflipped out of the water and we see a very nice gaffer bull on. H took a gel coat nap a few minutes later.... very cool to catch one like that and on that lure.

It was slow for sure and about an hour later we landed a gaffer cow about 12-14lbs and it wasn’t until a few hours later that we hooked up on another cow the same size in 150’. Hit the sandpile afterwards and spent a few hours there with no cobes in sight… saw the boat next to us catch a darn good one maybe 40-50lbs.



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