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Took the '96 Hewes Light Tackle 20 out on Lake Murray in SC for some bass fishing and to cruise with the fiance. Caught a couple decent bass and one a little over 4 on a bed. Landed a 26" catfish on a spinnerbait which surprised me. Wasn't even fishing at one point and messing with Lowrance and my whole downscan turned to bait. I told the fiance to get ready and striper started schooling 30 yards away. Got a 10-12 lb one to the boat and broke off trying to lip it in. 

Boat ran great and couldn't be happier with it. May take it down to Charleston this weekend but not sure yet.





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So first is the catfish I caught and forgot to put it up there.

My "bow lights" are located on the console. This works for me but I do worry about how visible they are when you have rods in the way. 

The fourth picture shows the trolling motor plug on the deck but it is now moved in the anchor locker and I feed the wire down the notch for the anchor cleat. I like this set up a lot better. I also have my trolling batteries and charger located in the flip up console seat area. There is plenty of storage in the boat so I'm fine giving that room up. 

Let me know if you need anything else. I have the boat stored at my parents house right now so pictures may be a while if you need more.









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Flats and bay boats make great Lake boats!! They are very versatile and can take the chop when the wind whips up on the lake. They are typically very user friendly in salt and fresh water.

short story to show you,  Me and Hawk232 went to a rally with go fast boats on lake Kissimmee (River Ranch). We went through the locks on the south end and were all going to head across to the north side (boot hill maybe?). Anyway we went through the locks with several other boats and when we got to the mouth of the lake there was some wind and the water was choppy. Hawk232 and I jumped on plane and touched our tabs down a bit and off we went. After 5 minutes or so we turned around and we were alone! No one else would cross with us! haha  Now, most are lightweight boat built to go fast but the flats boat/bay boat is like the SUV of the boat world!

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