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Gas shock additions to older 2200V


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For anyone who dislikes the straps holding the forward hatch lids, and anyone who dislikes the way the two aft corner hatch lids lay against the gunnel (and causes chips in either the hatch lid or the gunnel, or both), I did this easy upgrade with gas shocks.  This little project only took a few hours and for not a whole lot of money (probably have about $180 in the parts), and boy, it's a big improvement.  The aft hatch lids stay closed when you unhook the rubber latch, but just give the lid a little boost, and it opens by itself and then stops upright, BUT, before it hits the gunnel.  I thought some of you might like to try it yourself.




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In the hatch lids, I used SS 12 x 1/2" pan screws to attach the brackets (I coated the screws and the bracket with 4200 also.  The 4200 on the bracket is very important since there is not much for the screws to hold onto  Make sure you drill a slightly smaller hole so the screws grab the glass as tight as possible).  The hatches are of course hollow, so you want to be careful to drill only through the bottom panel of fiberglass.  I drilled all the way through the glass in the gutter and through bolted the brackets on the other end(also used 4200 on the brackets and machine screws)  using machine screws and lock nuts.  I think I used 10 x 1" (or 3/4", can't remember)  The machine screws go in from top to bottom, and I used the SS lock nuts underneath.  None of this shows when the hatch lid is closed......it's covered up.  You only see the head of the machine screws in the gutter when you open the hatch.   Most professionals probably measure twice and drill once.  I measured 15 times and drilled once.  LOL 

PS, I did all this because I have always disliked the canvas strap, looks chinzy to me.  I don't need the straps, and could remove them, but since I don't need them at all now, I just figured I would leave them on for backup!  LOL


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