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LT20- Live Well pump not working from dash.

Hot wire the pump and it's fine.  Ohm out the switch and it works just like all the other ones... Top Lug and Bottom Lug go HOT when Livewell 1 is ON.  Goes cold when OFF.

I have most of the wiring loose in the bilge as we had to replace bilge pump and the wiring was a mess.  I have two Brown wires and four black- nothing attached.

If I connect voltmeter to either Brown and any of the black- I get 12v- Whether the switch is on or not.  All switches OFF- I still get 12v.. Either Brown to any Black.  Does not make send to me.


I do not find a wiring plan for the LT20- Looking at the Hewes 21 and it shows Brown/White/Black combo for Livewell Pump 1...But my Brown & Black are always HOT.???

Hewes 21RF.pdf

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The blacks are all negative/grounds

There is one brown wire that comes from the battery that will be always hot. It is for the auto bilge pump. This is the only brown that is not switched.

Sounds like someone has rewired something improperly.

Find the 2 fuses at the battery or at the main battery switch in the transom. The fuse with the brown wire will be the constant hot for the bilge pump. Look and see if someone has connected a second brown wire there.  Look for any splices/added wires that should not be there stock. That should be the source of the constant hot issue.

You should have 4 brown wires in the bilge area.

1 switched for the bilge pump

1 unswitched  for the auto bilge function on the bilge pump

1 switched for livewell #1

1 switched for livewell #2

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