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Chokoloskee....That's all I need to say

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Got a chance to run south on Sunday with my brother Nick and long time chokoloskee sidekick Shawn. Went up in the Huston for the end of the outgoing. Caught one snooklet there and a couple lady fish for chunking later. Ran out side of the mouth of the river and fished a deep depression where there was some tarpon rolling. Threw out a crab on a flat line but only managed to catch two sharks. Ran father south at the swing of the tides and fished my tried and true spots around the turkey key area. I some how managed to forget my push pole so I had to try and stalk the oyster flats with my trolling motor. Had a chance at a bunch of black drum and couldn't get my friend to cast just right. Finally we sight casted a nice red and then I doubled up with another small snooklet. Caught a couple trout also. After that we made the mad dash back to the ramp before we got swamp by the rain. We didn't slay them this past weekend but it was sure fun trying. Love the ENP!



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