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Free 14" Aluminum Wheel and Tire for AmeraTrail

Ron in Atlanta

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I have a brand new 14" aluminum wheel and tire for an AmeraTrail trailer.  You can have it if you pick it up or cover shipping.  This is only to be used for a spare, here is why.

I picked up my new 2200 TRS at Linsey Marine in Stuart, FL last month.  This trailer has brakes, unlike my previous PF 2000 V on a single axle trailer.  As usual, I spent time in Florida to put the 10 hours on the motor and get the 10 hour service (and any issues) taken care of at the dealer where I bought the boat.  During my time getting to the 10 hours, I stopped at Blue Cypress Lake where the regulars sitting on the fish camp porch told me they heard some noise from the trailer as I pulled in and stopped at the ramp.  I asked the dealer to check it out the next day when I stopped for the service.  They gave it an all clear.  I should have known better - when a group of old-timers sitting on the porch of a fish camp tell you that you have a problem - YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THEM.

Next day, I towed the rig home to Atlanta.  On the way, the noises kept getting louder every time I stopped somewhere.  Some folks at a gas stop told me one wheel was not turning as I stopped at the gas pump.  Hey, I'm new to brakes on a trailer AND this was a brand new rig from AmeraTrail.  I continued to figure that this is what brakes sound like on a trailer.

I did bring the rig into my local trailer/hitch shop the day after I got home.

Here is what they found.  All 4 of the brake calipers were loose.  The bolts that hold them in place were loose.  On one caliper, one of the bolts had simply fallen out and with only one loose bolt holding it, the caliper swung up thereby contacting the inside of the wheel (the noise we heard). It looks like someone put the wheel on a lathe and removed 1/4 inch of metal with a very dull tool!  The tire has a flat spot or two but still good tread.

AmeraTrail replaced the parts, the wheel and the tire and will pay for the labor, of course.  I spoke with Arthur to alert him to the problem.  The axle assemblies with calipers, etc. come to them pre-assembled from Tie Down Engineering.  I hope that this was an isolated case but if you just bought a new tandem trailer from St Cloud, I would take a good look at the brake calipers!



IMG_2084.JPGSo this leaves me with a new aluminum wheel and tire which I do not need...

PM me if you can use them.

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Thanks for the heads up Ron!

I picked up my new Ameratrail trailer about six weeks ago.  I crawled under it this afternoon with a 7/16" socket to check the tightness of the caliper slide bolts.

I found two bolts on one caliper that were at least one rotation loose; the other bolts on three calipers were tight.


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Good job!

AmeraTrail in my opinion, is the best there is.  Quality, overbuilt, customer service, etc.  I like to think this issue is an exception, not a sign of becoming too big too fast and sacrificing some quality.

I would hope the folks in St Cloud would do some research and perhaps send out a recall notice to owners of potentially effected trailers asking them to take trailers in for a check up or do what you did, climb under and check.

By the way, the damaged wheel and tire are spoken for

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