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Mercury 21p rev 4 FS

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On July 7, 2016 at 6:11 PM, Mitz said:

rob, I'm now in the joys of trying to prop the contender bay. came w a yam reliance which is only 13.75 x 21. i hate it haha. not much info out there but I'm sure a rev 4 in 21 is too tall. just soo tempting lol

Funny, I too am looking to try a 4 blader on a Contender 25 Bay.  Looking to try either a Rev4 or OFX4. The 21 is prob a little too tall. Boat came with SWS II 21 which is too tall. Swapped for a 21 Tempest Plus. Ran nice but broke loose too easy. Currently running 19 ECO Enertia which is just about perfect. 

Just wat to see if 4 blade makes any difference. One of the owners of Contender told me in Miami that he runs a 4 blade prop on his bay. 

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mike, what are you getting top speed/rpm w the Eco 19? Also what mpg are you getting st cruise? With this *** reliance I was just getting 3.1mpg at 4.2k. Are u running a t-top? I have a step thru tower and ken at prop gods also reco'd the Eco in 19 or the rev 4 in 19 but he said the rev 4 has been burning up hubs or seals on the f300, we he said he heard of one case...

Update. For shits and giggles I tried my old turbo brand 2+2 OT which is 13.75x22 4 blade. (Only bc I sold my 18.5 Mav to my buddy) and way better than the reliance but too tall which I knew it would be. I'm gonna try out the turbo ultima 4 from my buddy which is 14.25x21. I just feel she will be happier w a larger dia of rev 4. I should have the rev 4 in 19 by middle of next week. 


Rob, how much are u asking for the Eco 19? 

Sorry for highjacking the thread. Free pumps? Haha

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