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We did it!


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Telling my buddy the story of Tarpon is missed, well he wanted to try.  Launched this morning, ran near "the spot". Windy, no birds working..a guide was poling a client so we gave them wide berth.  Finally got to "the spot". A few very occasionally rolled.  He begun to appreciate my frustration...3 hours later we said lets go find redfish.  On the way see birds working, schools of Ladyfish on light tackle fun.  Then a huge splash on glass minnows.  

    He starts playing with my fly rod..  A little tarpon follows, he strips, gets eaten and it's game on.  I am redeemed, maybe I can't catch one, but I can put my buddy on a fish.  Netted, measured length (we do not hang fish for weights generally), safely released.  33" (much smaller than the one I lost I tell him many times). His first on fly.   



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