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1986 18 Maverick - $9k


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Pretty boat.  May want to get clarity on what year it was - 1987 was the first year that they made these wood free, I believe. I had asked that question when I bought my boat and I think Skip told me that.  The Craigslist ad says 1986/87 - may be a big difference!

For anyone looking but scared by the age, I can tell you that if it's an 87, it's a rock solid hull (in general, don't know anything about this particular boat).  


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From the Maverick Forum FAQ




In what year did the Maverick Boat Company stop using wood in boat construction?


o       Skip from the Maverick Boat Company replies:

Maverick in 1985 and Hewes in 1989. 1989 is when Scott purchased Hewes from Mr. Hewes and eliminated wood from the construction.


According to Skip she's wood free. 

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I did not see a trolling motor in the pictures, what model is it and how old?

can the model and year be confirmed?

it looks like a deluxe, compared the other pictures I have seen?

where is the boat located at?


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