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Snapper report Ft pierce 7-12-16


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Finally... got in a decent trip... the usual gale winds that have been prevelant didn't happen tonight.  IT was a little bumpy out so didn't want to hit my  go to spots and be 16 miles from the inlet in case it got worse so stayed in closer and went to a new area to prospect before it got dark.  Didn't find to much tooling around out to 80' ran in to a pack of schoolie phins and ocean was alive packs of fliers everywhere.  I ran back in shallower and in 62' I found some decent bottom.  It was right at sundown and the mangos were there and chewing.  Ended up with 7 with the usual missed hits and a few breakoffs.  The larger fish were 23 & 25" all caught on cut sardines, off the water by 11p



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