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New Console


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...anyone know where the gauges got moved too?

It does look clean. I'd imagine there on a piece of starboard inside the console, fished on an East Cape that was like that anyway. I imagine the motor is hooked to the Garmin via NMEA 2000 cable. Pretty slick I must say, it's nice to see people simplifying skiffs instead of adding stuff to them.

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Looks really clean with no switches but I wouldn't want to have to open my console door every time I want to turn something on or off.

If the ignition is rigged thru the gps then what happens when the unit fails? Maybe I'm old school but I prefer a good ole key to turn over my motor.

Definitely can't stand the side throttle; I would clip it every time I walk by. I experienced that on a Hells Bay I was on years ago and it drove me cray!

I was going to mount a Garmin like that in my console but my gps rarely ever gets removed from my gear bag. It's probably a good setup for someone that uses a gps a lot and sits down while running. I mostly stand up when I run so that wouldn't work well for me the 2 or 3 times a year I use my gps.

It looks like a 17T or 17HPX??

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