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Speaker location 23 hps


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  The hatch buckets are insulated, so you could gain about an inch or so by removing the foam insulation. Just stick a kid in the bilge and see if he can jamb something the same dimensions between the bulk head and the bucket. There is plenty of room for a small person of operate in the bilge.

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I made them fit on mine... but let me tell you, there's not a cooter hair of extra space. I shaved all of the foam off the rear compartments to make it fit and it's still very very tight. I think the M770's would fit easily without any issues. Worst case scenario with the M880's is to add a 1/4" spacer which is what I was planning to do if I couldn't get them to fit. On the rear speakers make sure to get them as close to the rod holder tubes as possible as the space narrows as it curves towards the center of the boat.

Also, on my 2013 23 HPS the M880's fit in the front hatches without any problems at all, actually with room to spare. But on my 2016 23 HPS they apparently made the box slightly larger inside and there is less room for the speaker magnet. Soooooo... when I went to install they wouldn't fit. I had to cut a hole in the back to make room for the magnet and then I got these plastic covers installed so it didn't look like complete dog crap.

Josh B.







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