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My 1996 Hewes Redfisher 19


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Thanks fellas....the hull is dark green, and in need of a good wet sand now.

Yeah, one of the long list of things I want to do on the boat is swapping out those stickers for something more "factory". I've been remodeling my house and now my wife and I are about a month away from having our first child so I haven't been able to work on the boat much less go fishing on her more than once a month.

Mercury runs great, she's not much of an idler but she sure like to open up and gooooooooo.

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excellent! good luck with the baby! we just had one also. she is 6 weeks old now, and doing well. you'd better go fishing now, my friend, because time is about to be really tight!

boy or girl?

yeah, get those stickers offa there, man! you reppin for hewes now? heheheheheh... i can here a guy waaaaay across a flat from you, with the binoculars out, 'i can't see well enough to tell if he's catching anything or not, but he's definitely in a hewes!'

hey, is hollywood, fl the same as hollywood by the sea?

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