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2000 Johnson 115 OceanPro


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So I have been noticing a problem with my motor the past couple of times that I have taken it out and I was wondering if I could get some insight.  It tends to "cut back" anywhere from 4000-5000 RPMS, but I've noticed that when I run it around 5500 there is no cut back and the motor runs fine.  I'm no mechanic by any means, but it seems like it's either not getting enough gas or the carburetors need to be cleaned out.  I also was having idling problems this last time out.  Motor would crank and without even taking it out of neutral, the motor would shut off.  I have tightened up the throttle as I first thought that my throttle shifter was just loose, but the problem still exists and its getting worse each time I take it out.  Any and all insight would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks! 

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