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Brevard to vote on restore IRL plan referendum


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The Indian River Lagoon is a national treasure, here in my backyard. 156 miles long comprising wetlands, estuaries, "rivers" and hundreds of species of fish, fowl & wildlife. The southern section has made national news as Lake O has dumped millions of gallons a day of polluted water into the IRL (the algae bloom even got in the ocean and traveled to Ga's coast)
   The middle & northern sections suffered this winter from "brown algae" resulting in a huge fish kill.  50 years of development, fertilizer, aging septic systems, storm water run off and the build up of "muck" are ruining the Lagoon.
    Roughly 1/2 the Lagoon is in Brevard County - and previous "leadership" failed to be a good steward of our precious resource.  Finally a plan is proposed that if implemented will have positive effects on the Lagoon, our health and our economy.  The plan is 95 pages of scientific detail.  We don't have an endless supply of money to fix everything, so it prioritizes those specific projects that will have the biggest impact at lowest cost to reduce Nitrogen & Phosphorous and other pollutants.  It's a good plan.  If you care about the Lagoon, you should support "the plan"
    How are we to pay for this?  Next Tuesday the County Commission (10am) will debate 4 funding mechanisms and (hopefully) chose 1 to put on the ballot in Nov.   our Charter requires taxes like this to be approved by us voters.
   There will be debate about what method we use to pay..but honestly that is least important.  What is important is we finally have a plan, with timelines, with goals and with specific uses so our money doesn't get misdirected.
    I will attend next Tuesday's meeting.  I will speak in favor of giving us citizens the right to vote...and no matter if I agree with the funding method, I will support passage.  We have a plan, let's fund it and act like adults and begin to clean up the mess we made.
#nofillnokill. #savethelagoon.  #supporttheplan. #restoretheIRL

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The Lagoon tax was passed 63% in favor.  Over 10 years should generate $310-350m for clean up.  Majority of money goes to muck removal.  2 sewage plants will upgrade their watering waste water to reduce Nitrogen content.  The Citizens advisory committee is formed and will meet soon.  I hope management by Ms. Baker and more I hope the funds are correctly spent. Those of us who campaigned for will be watching how the money is spent

   Don't hold your breath, it took 50 plus years to screw up..recovery will be a long process

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