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LT20 live well issue


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Hi guys

I own a 1993 lt20. Noticed the bilge running more and more frequently. Identified the live well drain as my issue. Looks like the assembly that the standpipe drain sits in has expired and needs to be changed out. I took apart my access panel and really could not reach inside well to work on it so I brought it into the shop.

Currently, the is no shut off valve on the drain in the bilge. My mechanic wants to put a check valve inline vs a shutoff valve. 

I do have a shut off valve inline on  my live well feed, so I can shut off the line, clean the filter, and open it back up.

Does anyone with LT's have shut off valve inline in the bilge on the live well drain lines?


thanks in advance for the help!

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Thank you for the reply. I agree completely.

Perhaps its a space issue. The bilge area is tight. 

I think that livewell drain line is a 1" dia or larger

Can any other hewes owners tell me if they have a valve for the livewell bottom drain?

I also had a bayfisher 16 and did not have a shutoff for my bottom drain?


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