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Raubud installation how to thread?


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Prob going to add these to the '03 I picked up.  At one point there was a how to thread on these but I can't seem to find it. Can anyone point me in that direction or let me know what I need to know wan out putting them on.  I think there's a few different sizes and I thought I remembered  there being a slight modification that has to be made.  



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My original post involved placing the spacer on the boat so that it does not come off for maintainance and tap the spacer so the housing can be removed for cleaning.

Her is how i did it.

rotate the spacer and drill holes to allow you to tap a #10  3/4 in machine screw to hold the housing to the spacer.

Use a counter sink on the original holes so that the #10 machine screw head sits flush.

Align the spacer drill and tap the transom.

Place sealant in the holes and back of the spacer.

Place housing on the spacer with machine screws no longer than the thickness of the spacer. To clean simply unsrew and replace.

Here are some pictures.



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