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2000 Pathfinder 2200 fuel pickup


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I'm trying to replace the OEm fuel pickup from a 2000 Pathfinder 2200. (I believe it is a 2200V, not 2200T, though not sure that would make a difference. Hull number is MVTPC302D000.) This model Pathfinder had polyethylene tanks. The original pickup is corroded both where the brass elbow threads into the aluminum or stainless flange and the flange itself is very corroded. I've had difficulty finding either the entire assembly or the flange. I know that Moeller sells threaded aluminum valves on a plastic tube, but I'm trying to find the flange. 

I called Pathfinder and they were not able to give me any part information, purportedly because their systems are "wiped" every 6-7 years (which seems strange). But they gave me phone numbers for Ezell Industries and Skyline Manufacturing, as possible manufacturers/suppliers of the OEM gas tank, as well as a number for Moeller. I spoke with Ezell and sent photos; they had never made poly tanks and had never seen this kind of fuel pickup. I've tried to track down Skyline, but no phone numbers work; there are some reports on other forums of them having gone out of business.

Has any other Pathfinder owner had any success in replacing this part? Any help, insight, whatever would be greatly appreciated.

I've attached photos. Some were having problems uploading as .jpgs, so I saved them as .jp2 and they appeared to upload successfully. Let me know if they are not viewable.







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Hi Lap it Up,

Thanks for your response (and to NCTribute and JEM for theirs). The problem is that we had a couple of instances of water in the fuel system, and I believe it's possible that the point of entry is the top of the gas tank. We recently got the boat back from the marine mechanic, who pumped out some water, and very shortly thereafter, I opened up the plate planning to apply some additional sealant to the fittings atop the tank, and found a stationary puddle of water atop the tank. That, plus the corrosion, leads me to believe that this fitting may be leaking, which is why I wanted to replace the gasket and fitting before sealing up.

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Man I am having water in the tank issues now, bad third time ,2200 TE 2004.  I can say this bad design, water that gets in the console from any where finds its way to the cover that you remove to get to the tank, then right on top of the tank.  This contributes to why there is so much corrosion on the sender, and pickup, and stains on the tank. After having the sending unit replace twice, prior to me discovering the deeper issue of water in the tank often, the mechanics stripped out the threads on the sending unit. The poly tank by Moller has 5 aluminum dowels that the screws in the sender tread in to.  When the fuel expands pressurizing the tank the fuel leaks out the top because the sender can not be tight enough.  When water, heavy FL rains with a boat outside, gets thru the console and ,thru the tank cover plate, it siphons right in to the tank. 

Did you solve your issue? TCL? I am still contemplating mine.  Right now this is my solution just to get on the water!  Anybody want to fix this issue?  Maverick? 


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The answer to your  tank problem was addressed very well  many years ago but probably has been  lost over time. 

I will try to describe it

Take 2 pieces of, stainless steel 3/16 or 1/4 inch thick.  The top should be large enough to cover all of the fittings and the lower should act as a picture frame of the upper. It will go inside the tank and allow the 2 pieces of  stainless steel to sandwich the polytank together 

 You then place your sending and pick ups in the stainless top part. The bottom is tapped to allow for #10 bolts to hold it all together with a gasket in between. 

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