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Cyclone Ului heading our way


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Well it should be a interesting weekend as Cyclone Ului is expected to cross the coast on Sunday morning early around 6.00 am.

The exact location is still to be determined but there is a few maps with models showing different landings and below is the BOM (Weather Bureau) and the USA Navy website which has been pin point accurate before.


The US Navy one is a worry as they see it crossing over top of me but luckily it was a Cat 5 days ago and is now back to a Catergory 2 so the winds are more likely to be less than 200 kms an hour so I can live with that. I have been in and out of Emergency Management Meetings all day (as I work in Government) and we have teams, manchinery and plant, generators all bought in ready to activiate. It is still a little way out so tomorrow we should start to see a change as at the moment it is dead still and clear.

At least I should have time to post all the stories I have been holding on to if the rain that comes with it keeps me indoors. The worry here is the ground water is already at saturation having had 950 mm (38 inches) since January 1st. If we get a big blow the tree's will be a issue but this storm has at least 400 to 500 mm ( 16 inches) of rain with it which usually falls over a 24 hour period and that doesn't help cos at the moment it is all runoff.

The main thing is that the Hewes is under cover but I may have to put her in the fully enclosed holding pen tommorrow if it gets a bit more serious - must look after the investment (insured but tournaments start soon).

For those that don't know I live in Townsville which is on the map but just out of harms way though the US Navy site has it dropping over us.





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ALl Good,

She made landfall at 1 am last night about 300 km's south of us at Airlie Beach which is a very Tourist town and there was heaps of interviews from Americans who said they hadn't experienced anything like it.

We got some wind and rain but nothing compared to down there. 450 mm of Rain - Cyclone was a Cat 3 when it hit and the highest speed was 222 km hours with 170 kms recorded at Mackay. Some damage but the worst was seeing all the boats damaged and washed up on rocks that weren't in Marinas.



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