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Following the crossing of the coast by Cyclone Ului on Sunday we had a couple of small WOO's ( Windows of opportunity ) in the wind on Sunday and Monday morning. A work mate wanted me to take a friend of his fishing so when he offered to look after things at work for me I arranged a quick trip to some of the local wrecks. The first spot did not produce and the weather was tolerable so we headed a few more miles out to another wreck. On this wreck I managed a good hook up ealry on but pulled the hook after a lengthy battle. I soon had anpther good hit and this produced a noce Cobia. After this we got a few smaller School Mackerel which can be a pain when not using wire. The other surprise was a Narrow Barred Mackerel ( King Mackerel ) with straight 20lb mono tippet. We had some rain heading our way so decided to make for home about 11-00am. This frist part of the trip was OK but soon got hammered with wind and rain but the Redfisher travelled through the nasty conditions. A nice way to start the day rather then going to work.

Cheers Snelly



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