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Looking at buying a 21 Bay. Have some questions/concerns


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So my cousin has a 21 Bay he bought new in 2013. He used it a lot for a year and then got a bigger boat, it was never abused, and was used from cruising the coast in calm waters with his kids. It has sat for some time until I recently picked it up, cleaned it up, and now am using(borrowing) it. He wants me to buy the boat for a great price. I really like the boat but I have some concerns. The deck itself has stress cracks along the top of every part of the stringer from in front of the front cooler and back along the stbd and port floor. The only part immune from this cracking is in front of, under, and behind the leaning post. The cracks are not huge but if you walk barefoot you can feel a little give between the stringers and you can feel the tops of the stringers themselves. I called the factory and they said this will be covered under warranty which is great, but they also said the floor is supposed to have give? My dad and now myself have pretty much owned boats constantly for the last 21 years. I have never been on a boat with a healthy, non-wood deck that gave. Is this a known problem with the deck of the 21? I know it is not impeding the function of the deck or the boat, and I know the current problem will be covered, but if it returns, I am concerned about future resale and the fact I doubt they'd cover it a second time. Thoughts? This is a make or break situation for me and buying this boat.

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