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1991 Redfisher


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March 2010, Purchased a used 1991 Redfisher 18. In fairly good shape, included trolling motor and 1991 Yamaha 115 V4 and trolling motor. The hull needed a light sand/compound and buff.

The forward locker holds two batteries set on old rotted wooden base. I cut a new base from plastic wood, charged the batteries and mounted.

Old decals and stickers to be removed, the radio was trashed and older electronics to be removed and replaced

Here’s my wife carefully putting new Hewes decal on

After sand/compound and buff

Here’s the deck area now… and more to do!





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18' hull.

Chrome logo I got here from the ships store for like $11. Yes, it looks nice.

more photos: removed the old Apelco fishfinder and Lowrence GPS and most import removed the darn 'joystick' tab controller. filled all the holes but no way to match the gel coat, so covered with non-skid. Remounted comp*** and added my Garmin.

Note lower port side of wheel placed new trim tab buttons.



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Nice job. I have the same boat but with console located amidship. I have same charcoal hull, it gets chalky, you did a nice job on it. Does it still hold that shine? How many times have you ran her since you did that hull job? I like it.

I am looking to get the carpet pulled out from under the gunnels and replace with new carpet or SeaDek.

Nice job again bud

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Probably been wet 8 times since the wax. Still shines -but now can see some small surface cracks that have become obvious. Guys that did the polish told me to just lightly wax 2x a year and it should stay nice. We'll see

Think my gunnel carpet was either replaced or it's just in great shape as the boat appears to have always been under cover.

If I do SeaDek it will be the combings on my offshore boat. I have SeaDek at the helm (love it). Re-did the combings maybe 7 years ago and they are getting worn. Seen local guys with SD and it looks like a great idea.

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several reasons i'm thinking of doing the cockpit of mine:

heaven help you if you scrape a knee across the sole/floor in my boat... ouch. i like the grip.

i like my clean white gritty floor, and i wouldn't do it on the decks, but that seadek sure is nice on the feet and legs...

the sole of my hewes is hard to keep clean.. and the seadek looks easy to keep clean?

my concern is how slippery it is...

any other downsides? i'm planning on using this all over the new skiff i'm going to build... and it seems natural to put it in the floor of hewesy.

i think bruce is using it on his new boat... i'll check it out! :)

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SeaDek easy to clean? Yes. ONLY problem I have had was spilling ATF fluid on it. That was difficult to remove, but yes, water or maybe a little soap and water and brush.

I don't find it slippery - however my use is helm, dry area, and I'm holding the wheel. Not sure with RF application.

Have only one piece, it's at helm on my offshore boat. I run barefoot. Can stand hours on it without pain. I had tried other cushion products (cheap stuff), boat shoes, etc.. I really like SD for this purpose

Deck on my RF - seems to attract dirt. But I like the girt and non-slip feature and I can always wash when I get home.

I *may* put SD at my helm on the RF - but really, I haven't yet run long distance so not sure it's needed. Might be nice to sit on though :)

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And the project continues:

1991 Lappy Redfisher. Bought with with a 1991 Yamaha V115, but the engine was getting older and unreliable. So after much thought and input from folks on here, bought a new 140 Suziki 4 stroke. That added about 60lbs on the transom and required a 5†higher platform. New motor with new platform



a pair of rod holders welded in – this was not my idea, it does ‘protect’ my light and while I didn’t like initially, it’s growing on me. They serve as the base for the sissy bar


v4xnbt.jpg Here’s the ‘sissy bar’ and it’s designed to be padded. That comes next along with new cushions. (Thanks Capt. Benny, my wife now must have 6†custom cushions like you.)

I got 15 minutes on the platform today, note the ‘steps’, curved horizontal supports that I now need to climb up the extra 5â€. Into a stiff western (Hurricane Irene breeze) I had some practice and found a school of Reds.. with lockjaw but at least I found them.

Only 3 hours of run time on the engine and so far performance impressive. Thanks to Marcus it appears to be propped correctly. One person I am up on plane in under the count of 2 Mississippi.. even with two guys it’s up plenty fast. If the digital readouts are to be believed I may never buy gas again! 7mpg at 30+mph (27 kts at 4250 rpm – check my math, read out is 4.7gph. Have not really done WOT yet, but a quick run in light chop today I pushed it to 6100 rpm, alone in the chop got 37kts (43mph) and burn was 10.6gph.

Like all the 4 strokes this thing is very quiet. Very quiet.

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Generally when I'm on the platform, I am using the pole only.

If I'm fishing a shoreline, like this morning, I use the TM with the remote.. standing either on the bow or on the dance floor.

The other interesting combination is the Talon and TM 'anchor mode'. With more experience, I am discovering sometimes the TM in 'anchor' is the way to go and sometimes the Talon. Deeper water or lots of wind when I want the bow into the wind, I use the TM.

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It is the "Sea Star Hydraulic System"

Installed when I changed out engine.

It works as well or better than previous system. I had already replaced the helm prior to engine.

I didn't like the look of it over the deck, but was no way to get the shorter inline system to fit.

It's one of those things you install and so far haven't even paid any attention to.. it's just there and it works.

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