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New Ground - Reef Trip


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One of my mates who lives about 100 km's south of me gave me a ring on Friday Night and asked what I was doing as he wanted to do a day reef trip on saturday and asked me to come down for a run. I jumped at the chance as the reefs of the Burdekin area are good fishing but also new to me and I was only looking at mowing some gr*** anyway.

The boat ramps are all over the district but most are tidal so with a high in the morning and late in the afternoon it was the ideal launching time for his 23 foot Haines Hunter.

We had a good day with ideal weather, caught some good fish and found some new territory which we intend to venture out for a overnighter soon.

1. Coral Trout - the best eating fish in Oz Waters.

2. Ideal Weather - pressure points along the reef were making me drool and wishing I was in the Hewes armed with my popper rods.

3. The sunrise peaking its head out over the costal hills on the way out past the mouth of the creek we launched in.

4. A doubler.

5. Small Red Emporer.

6. While anchored we drift livies out under balloons chasing Spanish Mackerel (your Kings) but only managed Sharkie Mackerel which were in plague proportions - we let at least 20 go for the day. We don't eat them as they have a strong iodine smell about them.

7. These big Alligator Gar were cruising around the boat in the ideal conditions (4 to 5 feet long) would think the fly guys would love to present something to these critters as they really go.

8 & 9. A large man in a brown suit who we gave way too - great to see it up on the surface and crusing around.

All up a great day and a lot more fun then mowing the yard I can tell you.












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