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2007 Redfisher F150 Prop Q


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Bought my 2007 Redfisher in February and have been working of different parts to get it the way I like. Moving onto the prop. Figured I would get some input on what would be best for my situation. Engine is Yamaha 2007F150. Current prop is 21-M (21" pitch and I believe 14.5" diameter). When the boat is loaded the way it is used most (full 40 gal gas tank, ice, tackle, 3 batteries), I am currently maxing out at 46-47 MPH, but only turning a max of 5050-5100 RPM; so I believe I am over-pitched (probably significantly). I have been cruising either at 3600 RPM (30 MPH) or 3800 RPM (33 MPH), but when I gas up, am only getting around 4 MPG. Thinking that the fuel economy may be decreased due to the trim tabs being used all the time, so maybe I need to play with the trim a bit too. 

So here's the options I was looking at - (all SS)

Ultima 4 blade 14.25" D 15" Pitch

Reliance 3 blade 14.5" D 15" Pitch

Reliance 3 blade 13.5" D 19" Pitch (this one is used in the performance bulletin, though I believe I'm running heavier)


I'm more interested in finding what is all around best for the boat. Certainly hole shot is important as is fuel econ. Top speed is lower on my priority list, as I am rarely running faster than 35 mph unless running from a storm. 

So main Qs are - 3 v 4 Blade? Am I decreasing too much in pitch? Thoughts?



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