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Garmin 741xs too small?


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Unfortunately there's really no test driving electronics before you pull the trigger on having them installed. The reviews where great on the 7" unit and I really thought the 741xs would do the job.  Reality is under way the view becomes difficult trying to decipher the detail that the vision card displays. When running the flats on plane you really want to see sandbars, before hitting them. 

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1 hour ago, Bruce J said:

Where do you find that screen setup in the last pic above? I've got the 7610, and would assume the screen options are the same, but I've not seen a screen like that. 

The engine data information can be changed to a wide variety of different layouts.  Tap on the menu tab and select change layout.


Here is the link with the instructions to change the splash screen.  



Did you know you could also load your manuals on the SD card too. Here's the link to that as well. 


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4 hours ago, Wanaflatsfish said:

Well done..nice install....By the way, did you direct wire the Positive or use the in-line fuse ?  I always cut out the in-line fuse and go direct to prevent potential issues with it rough water...




I ran the in-line fuse to the distribution block, then zip tied all cables. I was actually thinking I could just disconnect the power cable to 741xs and connect it to the 7612xsv, but Garmin Customer Support advised me otherwise. They stated the cable for the 7612xsv is thicker gauge wire and has a 6 amp fast blow fuse vs the 3 amp fast blow fuse in the 741xs power cable. 

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