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Sweet Maverick 17HPXS!


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21 hours ago, LarryH said:


...- tell me about that winch? ...

I know you didn't ask me but I had one. That is a Fulton "F2" winch, in my own personal experience, TOTAL JUNK. Along with the "newer sleek looking" F2 jacks that are styled in the same fashion. Combined they will ruin the joy of owning a very nice trailer.  Looks kinda cool and modern, that's it. 

To get any kind of warranty support you have to ship it back to Fulton and they "repair or replace as necessary" My neighbor went this route and it was a 5-6 week process door-to-door. I threw my winch in the trash and then took a friends broken jack and   combined with my broken jack made an operable jack, for now. 

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