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Console Rod Holders


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Has anyone replaced the poly/plastic console rod holders on an older Redfisher (mine is a 2003 16').  I don't need the brackets, just the bolt through tubes that look like this:


These look like they would work, just not sure if the through bolt holes would match up, etc.




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Sorry this took so long.

The part number I bought matches the one on Amazon. PO4-011W

The hole spacing is 6 1/4". I might be very slightly off on that because it's tough to measure once installed. However, on mine I had to slot the lower mounting hole slightly (about 3/16" higher) to fit the spacing of my rod rack. Actually, you can drill a new upper or lower hole to fit any spacing needed. Add a washer under the screw head if needed. Just remember, on the lower hole, don't stray too far from the original because you'll need to get a screwdriver on the fastener through the provided access hole on the front. Top one is no problem because of the big slot where the reel sits.

Hope that helps.


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