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Aussie Tournament Results


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The recent Hinchinbrook Tournament Barramundi Catch and Release Tournament was held with some great results for the Hewes Boats that participated.

With a record 431 Barramundi caught, photographed and released for the tournament it was evident that all the previous years of restocking was starting to showcase the clubs efforts.

The Hewes factor came into play with some great results for one of the most prestiduos invitational tournaments held along the East Coast.

The results were as follows:


3rd - JT Reel Repairs / Rapala - 17 Tailfisher.

5th - Crocodile Racing / 16 Bonefisher.

12th - Team E-Tec / 16 Redfisher.

17th - Team Hewes Your Daddy / 18 Redfisher.

28th - Team Madill Landscaping / 19 Redfisher.

Not bad out of 54 teams.


John Millard - 3rd.

Mark Parkes - 9th.

Waz-in-Oz - 20th.

The stand out was John Snell (Snelly) who took out first place in the Fly Competion out of his newly imported 18 Redfisher which was a new awesome boat amongst the fleet this year.

The competition is very serious but the Hewes family stick together and sometimes in amongst the pressure it is always good to get together, have a beer and discuss a few tatics and see what is happening - (Tournament Fishing Northern Style).


Look forward to the up-coming Fly Fishing Tournament that Snelly is running up the channel later in the year. I am committed even though I am Gumby with a fly rod but will be a good skipper for my fly rod mad mate.

Congratulations John on a awesome win in your new Hewes Redfisher 18.



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