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Eat Me Fly (Ole Florida Style)


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Just put up detailed step by step instructions with pictures on how to tie the Ole Florida Eat Me on our fly tying blog. We've had a ton of requests to do a step-by-step on this one as our old online instructions are long gone.

The Eat Me Fly is originally the brainchild of Capt. Scott Hamilton of Jupiter, FL www.flyfishingextremes.com. Capt. Scott fishes the inshore and offshore waters of Palm Beach county. He developed this fly needing something that not only looked the part of a natural baitfish but was durable to last many eats by a variety of gamefish. One of the beauties of the Eat Me is that once the technique is nailed down, you can adjust the size and color to fit any bait or fishing situation. Over 100 different species have been caught on Eat Me Flies. Scott also calls his fly a Hamilton Special when a little PC is needed.

The Ole Florida version mainly differs from the original as everything is tied on top of the short hook shank. On the original, there’s material under the hook. I changed this up to help the fly from fouling. I feel that Scott’s version on bigger flies (#2/0 and up) works better as his gives a wider profile. On the smaller ones like I tie for the shop (#4 & #1/0) I like the skinner profile the Ole Florida version provides. Both work fantastic and would never go anywhere in the salt without a box full of them.

With the beach Snook fishing going off, I can't tie enough of these as they are crushing fish right now.




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