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Summer and Fall misc.


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Haven't posted in a while but thought I'd share a few pics from some summer and early fall fresh and salt work.


Summer rain spillway bass (The heavy summer rains created a non-stop bass bite for light weight fly action at the spillways).



Late summer meat trip (Misc. bag-o-meat to keep the freezer stocked).



Early fall false albacore (My favorite time of year... the speedsters return to the bay and rip off a hundred yards of your backing in 10 seconds!).



Early fall false albacore (If the bay anchovies are there, they will come in mass).



Scum pond jurassic bluegills (Some of our local retention ponds have monster bluegills.  Just don't eat them!).



Scum pond jurassic bluegills (Too bad you can't eat them because some of these slabs would give you two big sandwiches).



Scum pond jurassic bluegills (These slab gills fight hard on a 3 and 4 wt. fly rod).



Spanish Macks (Early fall means spanish macks off the beach and drag screaming fun. Then onto the smoker).



Spanish Macks (Tons of meat for the smoker in preparation for Raquel's famous fish spread.  It's GOOD!).


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On 11/20/2016 at 8:05 PM, MPFit said:

Looks like a blast!

Are those Howler Bros shirts? I got one of their Matagorda shirts- it's fantastic. 



Yes it's a Howler Brothers shirt.  About all I wear these days.  Their best fishing shirt is the Pescadora. Light weight, very cool, super good construction, pearl snaps instead of buttons, giant front pockets, etc. 

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