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This section needs a wake up... FTP snook / gag report


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Snook fishing has been really slow this year so far... decent amount of small males around but the big girls have been noticeably absent, mullet run was real weird this year and just ended without warning.... strange.  Last 2 trips out ive been finding a few decent fish Snook and grouper so I'm hoping its a sign things are going to pick up. 

I picked up a Shimano Tranx and had been itching to catch something on it so broke it in on all these fish.  The reel is super nice and casts amazing I highly recommend it to any who are still using the lost art of baitcasting.  Its perfect for throwing largish plugs, pitching med to lg Livies and bottom fishing.  I will buy another and sell off one or two of my spin outfits.

  ON one slow night I played a lot more with the Structure scan settings on the HDS, it doesn't mark fish as well as he ol hummingbird.  After some adjustments I was able to mark some fish laying on a flat near a drop... ended up catching a slot snook and a 23" gag outta that spot.  Screen shot below... the fish are the white "slashes" on the right side






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