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2004 2200v JL Setup


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Over the weekend, I was able to get started on getting my new JL sound system connect. I began by wiring up the amp (JL M600/6) to the radio (Fusion MS-70Nn), to the batteries, and mounted it. Then swapped out the Sony 6in speakers that the previous owner had installed for some new JL M770s. The only down side to this was the previous owner unevenly mounted the speakers.  With my best efforts, I was able to close the gap between the speakers a bit, but one speaker is about 7 inches below the window on the port side of the console and the other is about 9 inches on the starboard side.

After getting this all setup I moved over to the rod locker. I was able to drill the hole with the Dremel Tool just fine. Running the speaker cable from the center console over to the rod locker was simple with a glow rod. I used the hatch in front of the center console to feed the glow rod and then pulled the speaker cable threw and over to the hole.

To mount these big M880 I had made spacer rings from ½ inch starboard, but to my luck it was not enough. I had to stop the project there and am now looking for 1 in starboard to finish the project this holiday weekend. I am avoiding having to cut into the rod locker its self. Am trying to save that as the final and last option. I have attached a few pictures below. More to come.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 5.57.13 PM.png




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